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Car Insurance Van Nuys – It’s the Law!

Every state in the country except New Hampshire requires liability insurance to operate a vehicle.  The minimum limits for the state of California are very low compared to some states and will not provide adequate protection in the event of anything other than a small fender bender if you purchase the state minimum liability limits only.

For instance the minimum limits of liability are $15,000 per person and $30,000 per accident to all parties involved plus $5000 of property damage.

Denting a fender for certain types of cars will cost more than $5000!

Purchasing the minimum limits required by state law is not necessarily a wise idea.


You would be legally responsible to pay what your insurance company does not!

Purchasing the State Minimum Limits Is Not Enough!

Claims Example: You stop at your favorite coffee shop for a cup of Joe to go. You lift your cup taking your first sip, and you burn your lips on the unexpectedly hot coffee. You quickly set your coffee cup down in the cup holder taking your eyes off the road for one or two seconds at the very most.

In those one or two seconds a minivan stopped suddenly in front of you.  You slam on your breaks but it is too late and you plow into the back of the minivan going about 15 miles an hour.

Fortunately no one is injured in this accident; you exchange insurance information and file a claim with your insurance company.  

Three days later your insurance claims adjuster advises you that the damage to the minivan is about $7,219 and you will be responsible in paying $2,219 out-of-pocket because you chose only to purchase the state minimum liability limits of $5000 in property damage.


Do you see why purchasing state minimum liability limits may not be a good idea?

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We understand your need to save money on your insurance. Purchasing the state minimum liability limits is not one of the ways we recommend policyholders save money on car insurance.

Saving money by purchasing the lowest limits available may in reality cost you more if you have a claim.

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