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Restaurant Insurance Los Angeles – Don’t Take Shortcuts!

Anyone who owns a food related business should make sure they are protected by a quality insurance policy.

It doesn’t matter if your restaurant is fine dining, fast food, deli, café, coffee shop or a pizza parlor. You need a policy that provides comprehensive insurance protection to protect your business.

Your restaurant is likely your largest asset and taking shortcuts could lead to financial disaster.

For example if you are considering offering a delivery service, catering, or making use of a food truck, there are special coverage options to consider.

Vehicles used in your restaurant if they are personally owned vehicles or they are titled in your restaurant’s name are not covered by the General liability insurance section of the Los Angeles restaurant insurance policy… Neither are they likely covered by your personal automobile insurance policy. 

Commercial Restaurant Insurance in Los Angeles – Why You Might Need Business Auto Insurance.

Mike’s Restaurant has been slow for some time due to a factory closing down that was located right across the street from his restaurant with the loss of 1000 jobs.

Mike considers his options and decides that it might make sense to purchase a food truck and drive to other factories during lunch hour to drum up business.

He finds an old UPS truck on Craigslist, outfits it with the cooking equipment he needs to prepare his delicious hamburgers and drives over to his restaurant to pick up some supplies.

When he arrives at his restaurant parking lot he tries to back into his usual spot, but he’s not used to driving such a large vehicle. He knocks over a city light post, crushing a newspaper vending machine and a post office box, plus some damage to his food truck to the tune of $18,972 in damages.

He submits a claim to his Restaurant General Liability Insurance Policy but it is denied.

Mike’s restaurant insurance policy does not cover commercial vehicles, such as food trucks. He’s out the cost of repairs and may even have legal troubles due to operating a vehicle without insurance.

It’s important to work with an agency that will discuss your options. 

Los Angeles Commercial Restaurant Insurance You Can Trust!

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