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Landlord Insurance Van NuysIf you’re searching for landlord insurance in Van Nuys California and the surrounding areas you have found the right agency.

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What Is the Best Way to Buy Landlord Insurance in Van Nuys California?

Through our agency!

Ishtar Insurance Services is a leading independent agency offering landlord insurance to protect single-family rental units plus apartment buildings throughout the state of California.

We can help you find the coverage you need at a price that is affordable.

Only an independent insurance agency can truly shop the insurance market in contrast to agents representing only one company and that is why you can trust our agency to help you find insurance protection you need.

Don’t Make This Mistake When You’re Searching for the Best Options on Landlord Insurance.

Try to keep open-minded when it comes to pricing. Here’s why.

There are three different policy forms you can purchase for landlord insurance.

  • Dwelling Fire 1
  • Dwelling Fire 2
  • Dwelling Fire 3

Do you know which one offers the best price and which one offers the broadest protection?

Knowing the answer to this question is important for real estate investors. Why?

You may inadvertently purchase the wrong policy form. Purchasing the wrong policy form may have dire financial consequences for you down the road.

Landlord Insurance Van Nuys – Which Policy Form Is Best for You?

Each of the above mentioned policy forms can be likened to levels of coverage. For example the Dwelling Fire 1 policy is often referred to as the Basic Policy Coverage Form.   It is known as the Basic Policy Coverage Form because it only provides a very basic level of insurance protection.

For instance this particular policy form is also referred to as a named perils policy.  A named perils policy means only what is listed in the policy would be covered. If an insurance claim occurs, and this particular claims event is not listed in the policy, no coverage would apply.

The Basic Policy Coverage Form is the least expensive compared to the DF2 and DF3 policy.

Real estate investors may pick this coverage form because it keeps the premiums lower.

However saving money on your Van Nuys landlord insurance may actually cost you money in the event a claim is not covered.

Call Us Today When Shopping for Van Nuys Landlord Insurance.

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