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Limo Insurance Los Angeles

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How to Get the Best Rates on Los Angeles Limo Insurance

Everyone wants better rates on their limousine insurance, so how can you be confident you’re getting the best deal?

One important step is to make sure you complete a thorough background check on potential hires. This will help you find drivers with good driving records.

A driver with more than a few tickets or accidents on their record will make your premiums skyrocket.

Requiring a safe driving course for your drivers can also help.

The most important step you should take is to allow our agency to shop for the best rates available on limousine insurance in Los Angeles.

As an independent agency we represent a number of companies offering limousine insurance in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.

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Inexperienced Drivers Will Make It More Difficult to Find Competitive Rates on Commercial Limo Insurance in Los Angeles. 

Axel Limo Service is shorthanded drivers so they place ads on Craigslist looking for experienced limo drivers. A number of apply but a few have had their license suspended or they have too many points on the driving record.

Harry Tenenbaum applies for the job but he’s never driven a limo before; however Steve Smith, the manager of Axel Limo Service is desperate so he decides to give Harry a shot.

Harry is excited to begin his new job of driving bigwigs and celebrities around to fancy parties and premiers.

Harry was honest with Steve when he applied for the job explaining that he had no experience. He figures, “how hard can it be?”

Well, as Harry unfortunately finds out, driving a limo is not the same as driving a car. He has to make special considerations while turning.

At one stop light he doesn’t leave enough room as he is turning left and ends up clipping the front bumper of someone else’s car.

The accident is covered under the limo company’s insurance policy, but their rates may now increase. The end of Harry’s dream job comes to abrupt end as he is fired by Steve.

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