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Limousine Insurance Van NuysLooking for Limousine Insurance in Van Nuys or the Surrounding Areas of California?

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Limousine insurance isn’t like commercial auto insurance, there are many different options you need to consider. Speak with one of our insurance agents to find out what coverage you need.

Van Nuys Limousine Insurance – What’s the difference?

How does Limousine insurance differ from regular commercial auto insurance?

There are a lot of similarities, for instance bodily injury liability coverage works in the same way on commercial auto insurance as it does for personal insurance. If you cause damage to another person’s property in your Limousine the property damage section of your liability insurance will be available up to your individual policy limits.

However when you own a business with employees or independent contractors there are additional options as a business owner you should consider.

For example employment practices liability insurance is an often neglected coverage that may help your business defend and pay judgments when lawsuits are brought against the company for wrongful termination lawsuits, sexual harassment, age, religious, race, or sexual orientation claims.

What Specific Coverage Pays For This Claim?

Married couple Lawrence and Lidia own their own company, Lawrence and Lidia Limousine Service, and it is a bustling business with an impressive fleet of limousines. They bring passengers to and from weddings, prom, the airport and more. With their business so popular they’ve had to hire new drivers.

One driver, Anthony, is still rather new at driving such a large vehicle. He’s doing well taking some couples to the prom. Anthony begins to chat with the teenagers and doesn’t put as much concentration into driving as he should.

Just a few blocks away from the dance Anthony takes a turn too sharply and ends up driving over a curb and onto the sidewalk. He hits a streetlight and a city trashcan with a loud scraping sound. The side of his limousine is badly damaged too, but thankfully no one was hurt. To get everything fixed, the streetlight, trashcan and side of the limousine, is going to cost about $10,000.

Would Lawrence and Lidia’s insurance cover the damages? If they had the foresight to purchase Collison coverage through their insurance carrier the damage to the vehicle would be covered as well as the damage to the streetlight and a city trashcan under property damage section of liability coverage.

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With the complexities of insurance it can be difficult to know how much coverage is enough for what you need. We can help.

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