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Tow Truck Insurance Los AngelesIf you’re looking for tow truck insurance in Los Angeles or any of the surrounding areas of California you’ve come to the right place. Ishtar Insurance Services has experienced and knowledgeable agents ready to help you find the coverage you need for your towing company.

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How Cheap Tow Truck Insurance in Los Angeles Can Cost You!

It’s important to weigh all of the risks your business faces to make sure you’re protected! If you settle for the cheapest policy you could have gaps in your coverage making you vulnerable.

Speaking to one of the experienced agents at Ishtar Insurance Services is important because we can help you identify what insurance options are right for your company.

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Would This Be Covered by Your Los Angeles Tow Truck Insurance Policy?

Albert Footman, of Footman’s Towing, has a well-known business. His reputation for being a timely, courteous and capable tow truck operator is quite positive and he enjoys steady work as a result.

His personal life, however, has been less than stellar. After being fed up with the long, erratic hours and dangerous work his wife Laura has had enough.

Late one night Albert and Laura have an explosive argument about his business. Laura runs out to their garage and grabs their son’s aluminum baseball bat while Albert is cooling off inside the kitchen.

Suddenly he hears a loud noise, followed by the sound of breaking glass. He runs out the front door to find Laura repeatedly hitting his truck with the baseball bat!

The door panels are dented, the windshield is ruined and his front right headlight is smashed. When Laura sees Albert she drops the bat, gets into her car and leaves the area.

Now Albert’s tow truck is heavily damaged.

Will Albert’s tow truck insurance policy pay for the damage caused by his wife who also so happens to be his business partner?

Great question. 

The answer might be surprising to you. Tow truck insurance in Los Angeles is a bit more complicated than the price we pay for it and for this reason you can trust the specialists at Ishtar Insurance.

Tow Truck Insurance Los Angeles – Make Sure Your Business Is Fully Protected.

Knowing what coverage you have and need is important to any business owner. Talk to the specialists at Ishtar Insurance Services to find out how we can help you protect your business financially.

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