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Ishtar Insurance ServicesWhen shopping for better options on insurance in Van Nuys and the surrounding areas contact Ishtar Insurance Services by calling 818-728-1246 or toll-free 800-684-5661.

Ishtar Insurance Services is a leading independent agency in California and we offer great rates on car insurance in Van Nuys, homeowners, condo, renters, landlord insurance in Van Nuys, including business insurance for all types of companies.

Some of our specialized Van Nuys Business Insurance programs include:

  • Trucking Insurance Van Nuys
  • Insurance for Limos Van Nuys
  • Contractor Insurance Van Nuys
  • Landlord Insurance Van Nuys
  • Restaurant Insurance Van Nuys

Why Choose Ishtar Insurance Services?

We can help you keep your insurance premiums low for life!

How so?

Many insurance agents in Van Nuys are captive agencies.  A captive agent is one that is only allowed to offer insurance through one company.*

Why is it a disadvantage to represent only one insurance company? There isn’t a single insurer that can guarantee the best price for every circumstance. Some companies offer great rates to those over age 50, some insurers can’t be beat when you have multiple tickets and accidents, while others are family friendly insurance carriers offering good rates to drivers under the age of 25 while other companies overcharge for teen drivers.

For instance let’s assume you are married with a son and daughter close to driving age and you are insured with We Love Married Couples Insurance.  At the time you purchased coverage with this company they offered the best prices based on your current situation.

Now your son Jacob obtains his license and you receive a 175% rate increase on your car insurance.   Yikes!

You assume the rate increase is typical when adding a 16 year old to your car policy and you think it is a waste of time to shop around for better rates. Unbeknownst to you the company you are insured with offers great rates for married couples without children, but are one of the most expensive for youthful drivers!

Because your agent is a captive agent he doesn’t offer to shop around for better rates for you because he is not allowed to do so and you assume you are receiving the best rates possible for your 16 year old son Jacob.

Another company would have saved you over $1,000 a year by changing to a family friendly insurance carrier!

Do you see how working with an agent who only sells insurance through one company can be a disadvantage to you?

For this reason you should choose Ishtar Insurance Services to care for your insurance needs.

As an independent agency we will shop the market for you to help you find low rates no matter what your circumstances are.

Insurance in Van NuysSwitch for Savings and Stay for Service!

We likely can save you a substantial amount of money on your home and car insurance in Van Nuys when you choose our agency. 

We have saved some policyholders as much as $2,000 per year by using our insurance shopping service!

Call us at 818-728-1246 or toll-free 800-684-5661 or request an online quote when you click the below links for car or home insurance:

Or if you are shopping for business insurance click the below links:

As a leading independent agency in Van Nuys we can truly shop the market for our policyholders unlike captive agents who force you to stay with the same company year after year no matter how much they raise your rates!

We offer a re-shopping service when you have a change of life event such as when you become married, divorced, obtain multiple tickets or accidents, or a child reaches driving age.

We Are a Full Service Insurance Agency in Van Nuys California.

Wouldn’t you agree it is easier and simpler to have all of your insurance taken care of by the same agency?  For instance someone breaks into your home and not only do they steal jewelry and other valuables but they also decide to take your BMW convertible that was in your locked garage.

One agent caring for all of your insurance needs simplifies your life.  Having insurance policies with many different agents is an unnecessary complication.

As a one-stop shop insurance agency in Van Nuys we can care for all of your insurance needs no matter what they may be.

Insurance Agency in Van Nuys CaliforniaCall Ishtar Insurance Services Today!

We are 100% confident you will be completely satisfied if you decide to choose us for your insurance needs.

Ishtar Insurance Services is seeking a lifelong relationship with our valued clients and our goal is to build a foundation of trust in helping you secure the coverage you need to protect you financially.

Call us at 818-728-1246 to speak with one of our insurance specialists or you may request an online quote for most types of insurance we offer: