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Do you need contractors insurance in Van Nuys California?  If so you have found the right website! Quotes and coverage are available the same day for most construction risks.

Ishtar Insurance Services specializes in offering contractors insurance in Van Nuys and the surrounding areas for most construction companies, subcontractors, and sole proprietors including landscaping companies and insurance for roofing contractors in Van Nuys.

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Contractors Insurance Van Nuys – What Is Available?

We can insure nearly any type of construction risk from demolition and excavation to roofing and general contractors insurance.

We can insure your equipment, supplies and material, provide Van Nuys builders risk coverage, California construction bonds, workers compensation, professional liability, or group health insurance.

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General Liability Insurance General Liability Insurance Van Nuys – Don’t Go without It!

You’re likely well aware that state law requires you to obtain a license for any work you perform with a value of $500 or more. State law does not require you to purchase general liability insurance, only workers compensation insurance if you have employees.

However it’s never a good idea to work on the job without proper general liability insurance for a number of reasons.

First of all a potential customer may ask you to prove that you are insured.  If you cannot provide the proper insurance proof you will likely lose the opportunity to gain this new customer.

Secondly you would be responsible for compensating your customers for any type of damage you cause. Let’s assume you accidentally punch a hole in the wall.  That would be relatively easy to fix.

What would happen to you financially if you accidentally caused your customer’s home or business to burn down?

It takes only one catastrophic claim like this to either put you out of business or cause a severe hardship for your company to pay for the damages out of pocket, not counting a loss of reputation that such an incident could cause.

Purchasing adequate Van Nuys contractors insurance will help you to stay in business.

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