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Los Angeles Contractors Insurance – General Liability Coverage.

The most common type of coverage requested is General Liability Insurance.  What does it cover?

A typical General Liability Insurance Policy may offer protection for bodily injury, property damage, completed products, personal advertising injury, and medical payments.

You should be aware that General Liability Insurance does not provide coverage for your tools, equipment, supplies, automobiles used in your business or by employees, workers compensation insurance, or coverage for tools and equipment of subcontractors.

Some of the coverages are fairly self-explanatory but others may not be so simple. What exactly does personal advertising injury cover? What should your policy limits be?

For more information about subjects like these please contact the specialists at Ishtar Insurance. 

Completed Products and Los Angeles General Contractors Insurance.

One of the previously mentioned coverages was “Completed Products”. What does this mean and how can it protect your business?

Completed coverage products will cover work you’ve already completed.

For example, you are hired to remodel a kitchen. A few months after the project is completed the homeowner is cooking dinner when one of the cabinets your team installed falls off the wall and injures the homeowner.

It’s found that the cabinet wasn’t properly installed, and so the homeowner sues you. If you have completed products coverage in your policy it can help with the damages and court costs.

However you should be aware that Completed Products coverage only applies while the policy is in force.

If a contractor retires from the business and a former customer sues the contractor, no coverage may apply if the policy is no longer in force… even for work that was performed while the policy was active. 

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