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Earthquake Insurance Van NuysLooking for earthquake Insurance in Van Nuys or any place in Southern California?

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Do You Need Earthquake Insurance?

Unfortunately we do not know what the future holds. We can look at historical patterns of events to help us prepare for the future.

California has had its share of minor, moderate and severe earthquakes with devastating consequences in some cases.

For this reason you should look into earthquake insurance. 

Earthquake is Excluded In Your Home, Condo, & Renters Policy.

You might be surprised to learn that many people believe that their home, condo or renter’s insurance policy covers earthquake… Please let us assure you.

It does not.

If an earthquake occurs and this endorsement or standalone policy was not purchased covering your home, condo, or apartment or rental home, any damage incurred will need to be paid completely out of pocket. 

Earthquake Coverage Can Protect You.

Earthquake insurance is one such policy that may cover one from losses incurred due to a cataclysmic earthquake or earth movement.

However an earthquake policy may not cover you for landslides so a different coverage option may be necessary.

Additionally an earthquake policy may not cover you for tidal waves because of floods caused by earthquakes.

To learn all of the available options we suggest that you call and speak with one of our licensed agents to clear up the facts.

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This is How the Deductible Works.

Earthquake insurance – unlike other homeowner policies – mainly covers major losses. The claim is usually paid after accounting for all deductibles, which can be anywhere between 10% -25%.

Only damage exceeding the deductible applies, so if your home is insured for $200,000 and your deductible is 20% you have a $40,000 deductible.

Some policies take in to account, the structure and contents as different entities. In such cases, the deductible applies separately to the total losses on structure, of contents and the damage occurred to external structures like sheds, garages, retaining walls or driveways.

Of course there can be variations in coverage between companies and as a leading independent agency in Van Nuys we can help you chose the coverage just right for you. 

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