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Van Nuys Trucking Insurance – Finding the Right Coverage.

Insurance can be complicated, so how can you be sure you’ve got the right coverage? Every business is unique, and so is every insurance policy!

The most important coverage is likely your commercial liability auto protection. But is it possible you also need additional coverage such as general liability, garage keepers, on hook coverage for towing operations?

Are there special policy options to consider for the type of cargo you haul?

What about workers compensation insurance, health insurance, professional liability insurance, or employment practice liability insurance?

Give us a call to speak to one of the experienced agents at Ishtar Insurance Services to find out just what coverages would be right for you.

An important California Trucking Insurance Coverage – Reefer Breakdown.

Justin is an owner operator and he has a well maintained, but older model rig he uses to transport fruits and vegetables from one side of the country to the other. Lately his truck has been having issues starting up, but Justin believes he’s fixed the problem by replacing the worn out starter. Thinking that was the only problem he continues work as usual.

One day he gets a shipment of avocados, figs, grapes and other foods to take from California to Indiana. He gets everything loaded up and ready to go. Along the way he doesn’t notice any problems, but a few days later when it comes time to unload the shipment it’s spoiled!

His truck’s cooling system wasn’t working properly so the fruits and vegetables were not able to be preserved during transit. Now the entire shipment is ruined.

Since Justin frequently hauls food he spoke with his insurance agent to find out if there were any options that would work best for him. Justin agreed with his agent and got Reefer Breakdown or spoilage coverage to protect him if any of his perishable stock got damaged. Thanks to this foresight Justin is covered for the loss of his cargo.

Knowing What’s Covered Can Make the Difference!

For some people basic coverages work fine, but others, like Justin, need more. Call one of the experienced agents at Ishtar Insurance Services at 818-728-1246 or toll free at 1-800-684-5661.

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